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On a normal night in a Mill Hill studio, legendary label boss Alan McGee signed The Clockworks. Here, singer James and guitarist Sean tell the full story, as well as how they put the band together in Galway before moving to London, how they craft and record their songs, an exciting overseas tour supporting a huge band and what else lies ahead for them at this early stage of their career.


Sean Connelly/
James McGregor

00:00 / 42:21
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Enough Is Never Enough
official video

The Future Is Not What
It Was official video

Can I Speak To A Manager? official video

Introducing The Clockworks
16 min mini film

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Tyne-James Organ

00:00 / 1:00:27

Australian up and coming artist Tyne talks openly about the events of the last five years that spawned the subjects for his new album, Necessary Evil, from the tragic loss of his father to violence against women. Recorded a week prior to release, Tyne is excited, passionate, curious and incredibly humble as he also talks through the writing and recording process with producer Chris at an idyllic retreat in the middle of nowhere, how he was discovered on You Tube, and what to expect on his next tour.

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Sunday Suit official video

Not Ready For Love official video

Hold Me Back official video

Tyne's George Ezra cover

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Gary Numan how he sees himself
and his fears

Matthew Holness on
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Skunk Anansie's Skin on Glastonbury

The Subway's Billy Lunn on

defying and angering Dave Grohl

Reel Feedback advert -
Rob Savage (Host director)

Katherine Parkinson on

starring in The IT Crowd

Cat's Eyes' Rachel Zeffira on a

near-miss A-lister faux pas

Gary Numan on a near-death experience
and creating music with a fragile mind 

Matthew Holness on
directing Possum

Fontaines D.C's Grian Chatten on

'A Hero's Death'

The Horrors' Faris Badwan on a

hostile Arctic Monkeys crowd

Maximo Park's Paul Smith on

working with producer Paul Epworth

Reel Feedback advert - Andy Nyman

(Ghost Stories actor/director)

Reel Feedback advert - Rich Fulcher

(The Mighty Boosh comedian/actor)


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