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Prano is already known in both the horror community and as a director-to-watch, and this is before the UK release of her brilliant debut Censor. She talks about writing and directing the acclaimed film and how she obsessed on The Evil Dead so much that she went into the BBFC to look at the film's editing notes when researching her own film. She also details how she made a disturbing music video with only herself as the star, with one light gaffa-taped to a ladder and editing it for six months around her job in a pub and working with her lead actress, Niamh Algar.


Prano Bailey-Bond

00:00 / 49:49
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Censor - official trailer

Poltergeist - music video

Imelda May - music video

Nasty - short film trailer

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Ritzy Bryan -The Joy Formidable

00:00 / 48:14

The Joy Formidable's frontwoman talks from her home in Utah in the lead up to releasing new album 'Into The Blue'. She talks about the writing and strange recording process, as well as the inception of the band and how they got a major label record deal, touring with Foo Fighters, how she achieves her epic guitar sound, local mountain lions and rehabilitating dogs. A no-nonsense, says what she thinks rocker, Ritzy is a funny, charming, honest guest.

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Into The Blue
official video

Live on KEXP

The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie official video

Live - YouTube presents


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Katherine Parkinson on

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Gary Numan on a near-death experience
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Reel Feedback advert - Rich Fulcher

(The Mighty Boosh comedian/actor)


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