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My dream of music being my career was halted two weeks shy of turning thirty, and when hitting forty in mid-2017 I hadn't became a celebrated author/ director/ actor/ any other vocation that I could see myself doing in my daydream world, another idea hit me. 

Two months later, I released the first episode of Reel FEEdbACK, a podcast where I talk one-to-one with the behind-the-scenes figures from the TV, Film and music business. I had long been a fan of podcasts where the likes of Tom Hanks and Dave Grohl sat in longform conversation about their lives from childhood to now, but I had never heard the full arc of the editors, producers, designers, engineers etc who make the art we know and revere. 

Through relentless hounding and many, many rejections and unanswered requests, I found myself at Pinewood Studios to record an episode with Terry Ackland-Snow, Art Director on Labyrinth,

Aliens, Batman and a number of Bonds. I was 100% mesmerised by Terry's stories and knew if he had said yes, so will others. At the time of writing, I've been back to Pinewood twice, Leavesden, Abbey Road and the set of Rocketman to speak to a whole host of generous, creative and most importantly, completely normal people. Plus a few Oscar, BAFTA and Grammy winners thrown in for good measure of course.

That is the other aim for the podcast (aside from my own personal, selfish buzz I get from conversing with these people), to show the listeners that anyone can work in these industries if they have the right mindset.


From the full rundown from inception to application of Heath Ledger's joker make-up from its creator, to costume designers, production designers and make-up artists tales of collaborating side-by-side with names such as Ridley Scott, Edgar Wright, Olivia Colman, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg, the forty-plus episodes so far have been eye-opening, engaging and, vitally, largely unheard before.

My hope is to have people like yourself dedicate some of your time just like my guests have, to hear the previously untapped well of film and music knowledge. If you have read this far, you just might.

After all, this isn't an interview, this is a conversation. This, is Reel FEEdbACK.